Hardened device

Based on popular high-end mobile devices. Maintaining full smartphone experience. Pre-installed secured Android OS with integrated high-end security components to detect, prevent and protect against all mobile security threats without compromising on functionality or usability.

Encrypted communications

Strongest encryption coupled with most advanced integrity methods to secure Data-At-Rest as well as all types of communication: Voice, Messaging, Email, Web and Data-related.

Cyber Command Center

Framework to manage and enforce organization-specific permissions, security protocols and device policies. Monitors risk level, threat activities and security posture per device and deploys countermeasures.

A Comprehensive Multi-Purposed Mobile Security Solution

Delivering a highly secured mobile user experience for Enterprises, Governments, and Professionals


Protection from all mobile threat vectors for your organization and all of its users.


Prevention of communication interception attacks, data leakage and theft, and device takeover.

Secured Data

Security for all sensitive data locally stored on your device, no matter how much there is.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Eliminating the “second phone syndrome” when users carry an additional non-secure smartphone due to restrictions.

Complete user experience

Providing a completely secure and unrestricted user experience.

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